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From Athletic Trainer Zach Noel

Dear Northeastern Parents of Student Athletes,

My name is Zach Noel and I am the Head Athletic Trainer here at Northeastern School District.  Many of you already know me but if you do not, I am one of the Athletic Trainers that will be taking care of all your kids that will be playing sports for the school in 7th-12th grades. A big part of playing sports for the school is completion of the annual PIAA sports pre-participation packet (physical). This is something that needs to be done on an annual basis. Any athlete that is planning on trying out/playing for one of the school’s athletic teams during the 2023-2024 school year needs to have a PIAA physical completed AFTER June 1, 2023. Any physicals completed and dated prior to June 1, 2023 will be considered invalid, and will not be accepted. Here at Northeastern, we use RankOne as our injury tracking/athlete documentation software. Just like last year, you will need to go on to RankOne, find your child’s profile, and complete the online forms. This can all be done after June 1st.  The forms that will need to be completed on RankOne are Sections 1-4 of the PIAA packet, along with the “Northeastern Athletics Eligibility Form.” Instructions for doing this have been attached. Section 5 (Past Medical History) and Section 6 (Doctor's form) of the PIAA packet will need to be printed (also attached as well as can be printed off RankOne), completed by a parent/guardian and taken along to the child's doctor's appointment or sports physical at the school, where the doctor will complete Section 6. Section 5&6 then need to be turned in to the HIGH SCHOOL MAIN OFFICE addressed to the Athletic Trainers, to the Athletic Trainers directly, or scanned and emailed to one of the Athletic Trainers. Our contact info will be listed below.  The online forms, along with the hard copies of Sections 5&6 of the PIAA packet must all be turned in prior to your child’s first day of tryouts/official practice. If anything is missing or incomplete, your child will not be permitted to participate until everything is properly completed. This includes the Athletics Eligibility Form. If your child plays multiple sports throughout the school year, the paperwork needs to be completed only once, prior to the start of their first sports season.


For the doctor's portion (Section 6), there are some options for getting this completed. The first option is to bring your child to the open sports physicals being held here at Northeastern HS on the following dates:

Appointments at OSS can be scheduled by calling 717-848-4800.

I highly recommend trying to get your child into one of the OSS sports physicals as these are typically the cheapest and quickest option. Sports physicals can also be completed at most walk-in clinics (I recommend calling first to make sure) as well as PCP's. 


Remember, sections 5 and 6 of the PIAA packet MUST be printed and brought along to any physical taking place at OSS or at Northeastern High School. I know this is a lot of information to take in. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email ( or my assistant, Drew Schryver ( if you have any questions or concerns. We are not at the school during the summer due to our contract but we will be checking our emails regularly. Drew or I will return any emails hopefully within 24-72hrs of receiving them. Thank you!

Click image for RANKONE info
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Click image for Sections 5&6
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